Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

Save the Babies!!

I try really hard to keep my private feelings just that, private. I like to discuss issues with people. However, my true, innermost feelings don't pass my mind or my lips. Over the past few years, I have learned valuable lessons about privacy. However, there is one area in which I refuse to remain silent. That's when helpless little children are hurt or killed. Tonight, I was outraged at two stories. In one case, a mother admitted to drinking a case of beer prior to going into into labor. Her baby girl was born DRUNK! Then, another mother is charged for injecting her child with human feces. That baby is 22 months old. I actually became enraged while reading the stories on air. Am I the only person angered over these incidents? Just think, these are only the cases that make it to the news. Thousands of children around the world are being mistreated, daily. Perhaps hourly. We must stop the madness and protect our babies!!

My Aunt Sandy calls them "little people." Our little people can't defend themselves. Too many people find themselves with little people and they don't take it seriously or responsibly. You are probably thinking "it's easy for her to say, she doesn't have a child." Maybe that's so. However, my mother raised me and my sister alone for a number of years. I think she did an AMAZING job! Then, a wonderful man, SGM Albert Griffin, Junior, married my mother and took in two helpless little people. Together they made sure we had everything we needed and much of what we wanted. They enrolled me and my sister in the best private schools in Augusta, Georgia. We were both studied piano. We were both Debutantes and achieved College and Graduate Degrees. They made sure we were diverse girls well versed not only in books but also life. We were taught to respect ourselves and others. We became students of life. Always looking to learn not only from books but from others. We learned just as many subjects as we did songs. My mother could have given up. My dad could have turned his back on us. But they didn't. They didn't have wealth in money, they had a wealth of Love! If they had the fortitude, and what I like to call "staying power", why can't others?

Couldn't that mother resist alcohol for 9 months? Could the other mother look at her son with love, not distain? Why can't we save the babies? Who's at fault? Why won't more people stand up for the little people?

It's important to make money. It's awesome to make a lot of money! As humans, we tend to worship and admire people who make money. Just look at the magazines and t-v shows that praise millionaires. However, where is the praise for those who successfully raise children? The mothers and fathers who can make something out of nothing. We admire the men and women who wear thousand dollars suits and shoes. You know, the celebrities. We tend to forget the men and women who aren't featured on the silver screen or the television. The men and women who choose to feed and cloth their children. Those are the true heroes. The real celebrities, in my eyes. So often, we don't place the necessary importance on good parenting. Therefore, it's often taken for granted. Thus, we see more situations of little people being abused.

I am the first to admit, I love my shoes and clothes! I can't deny that. However, I love, value and respect the people who take on the mammoth responsibility of raising a family responsibly.

Thanks to the great men and women in my life who didn't poison me or do harm to me when I was a "little person." Trust me, I was a handful! Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks ReRe. Thanks Auntie. Thanks Aunt Maggie (who turns 102 on July 16th). Thanks Grandmother Brown. Thanks Uncle Sam and Aunt Sandy. Thanks Granny and Grandpa Martin. Thanks to my sister Dawn.

Also, thanks to my friends who are currently (or about to) raise wonderful little people: Dawne and Tory (CT), Kim and Nik (KC), Shannon and James (TX), Lisa and Hershel(MN), Michelle and Jason (KC), Vonda and Doug (GA), Kim Riley (KC), and Jim and Jan (TN). You are America's real heroes!
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