Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

Sex Strike!

Girlfriends and Wives of Gang Members in Pereira, Colombia are refusing to have sex with their mates until the crime rate goes down. Colombia's most violent city had 550 murders last year. So far this year Memphis has had nearly 130 murders. Most of the crime in Memphis is committed by men. Not all, but most. Should women step in and try to curb the violence? Would it work?

One of my colleagues says it wouldn't work because the lack of sex could have a negative affect. He says the men may become more hostile.

Something must be done to stop the violence. I must add that Memphis isn't the only city feeling the murder mayhem. My friends in Houston, Texas and Philadelphia, PA are also amazed at the alarming crime rate. I am proud that Will and Jada Smith took to the streets of Philly in a rally to end crime. Will Smith is a proud product of Philly and tired of the murder madness taking over his hometown.

I think everyone shoulders the burden. If it takes wives, girlfriends and/or celebrities let's do it. What do you think?
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