Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

Would you turn in your child?

Today, 4 teens were arraigned for their alleged involvement in a holdup at the Midtown Petco on Saturday night. According to witnesses, they forced customers and employees into a room and took their cellphones, cash and the store surveillance disk. This was quite the elaborate holdup. It turns out, one of the teens is a former Petco employee. Three of the suspects are boys. The forth is a girl.

After their arraignment today the girl's mother, Sharon Ceason, talked with reporters about her daughter's involvement. Ms. Ceason says the teens were all raised together and grew up in the church. She says they knew right from wrong. And so does she. That's why she turned her daughter in to police. Ms. Ceason says she loves her daughter, however, she says "I told her if she does the crime she has to do the time."

Way to go Ms. Ceason! It's time for parents to stop turning their heads to a son, or daughter's, misdeeds. Perhaps if there was more accountablity in families we wouldn't have so much crime. Too often, families provide a safe haven for criminal conduct. Their love of that child, or relative, eclipses their responsibility to report fugitives and conduct themselves as law abiding citizens. My mother would have done what Ms. Ceason did. Of course, she would have prayed and cried first. :-)

What would you do if your child committed a crime? Do you turn her/him over to suffer the consequences and hopefully learn from their mistakes? Or, do you hide the fugitive, in the name of love, although you know that person is wrong?
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