Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

Where's the Outrage?

Saturday a mother gave her 6 month old son to two women she didn't know. Some say the mother was on drugs at the time. I consider her a carrier because she carried him in her wound. No mother would ever do that to her infant. Where's the outrage? Little Kimmarta Lawrence is out there somewhere hopefully with someone who values his little life. When did a child become so disposable? When did an infant become like a trading card? "I don't want this one.. I'll trade ya."

Tuesday Evening a 12 year old is shot. He's caught in the crossfire of a domestic dispute. Where's the outrage? When does it become so commonplace to pull out a gun within feet of children? Will he make it through this without too many mental or physical scars? Why must today's children grow up in war zones? This is America, right? It takes a village to raise a child, says the African proverb. So, America, where did WE go wrong?

Tonight, I'll be thinking about these two before going to sleep. I can only pray that like Kimmarta makes it home to his father safely. I can only pray that the 12 year has a healthy, speedy recovery. While politicians battle it out for district and state seats, when will they come forward and stand up for the people they are supposed to serve? Our leaders are constantly fighting over footing and heirarchy in the community. Wealthy business owners are sitting high on their corporate throwns. Where are they now? WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE??????
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