Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

Happy Trails...

The Marathon training is coming along. I haven't quite begun the countdown. However, Oct. 22 is fast approaching. So, how do you prepare for a Marathon? Lots of practice and preparation. Each Saturday morning at 5am I reluctantly rise to prepare for my "long runs" at Shelby Farms. At 6am I join fellow members of "Memphis in Motion" to take on the trails and passages at Shelby Farms. Thanks to Coach Mark Higginbotham, I'm on my feet and logging lots of miles. Saturday we did 10 miles. It was an adventure through the woods, across streets, up hills, through more woods, along a dirt path and even a pit stop at a gas station. Along the way, there's great conversation. I've learned so much about people each Saturday. It's never a dull run. You have met so many great people during the runs. I also get great tips on anything from what helps you stay hydrated, thanks Terri, to where to get the best buy on more memory for my camera, thanks Janine. Also, one member welcomed a new baby boy, Congrats Andy! Thanks Patrick for the witty humor. Just when I'm thinking "Are we there, yet?" Patrick screams it out. We always get some kind of inspiration from Mark! I typically hate trails. I'm getting better. I only tripped two times Saturday. That's down from about five trips and near falls. It's hard to look cute in big, baggy running attire, falling all over the place. The picture above is after 8 miles.
I felt great Saturday afternoon. However, leg cramps set in during the "Da Vinci Code" movie. YIKES! Sitting for 2 and a half hours felt like about 6 hours. I limped to the car. Made it home. Actually, laid on the floor, with jeans and 3 1/2" stilletto heels, and STRETCHED! Felt good. My puppy, Winston, thought I was nuts!
I actually ran 4 and a half miles today. MARATHON BOUND!
I have uploaded pictures of "Memphis In Motion" on the Trails Saturday.
Remember, I'm posting weekly updates on my Marathon Training, as well as the Step-a-thon June 1, so keep checking back.
Happy Running!!
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