Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

"Take Care of Your Heart"

"Take Care of Your Heart," that was the instruction my Aunt Lula Williams gave her daughter Gwen last weekend. Tonight, Aunt Lula is in the ICU in an Augusta, Georgia hospital fighting for her life. Her heart isn't strong enough to give energy to the organs in her body. Aunt Lula suffered a bad heart attack about 10 years ago. I was Anchoring the News in Augusta at the time. I would get through the 6pm Newscast and race to the hospital to spend time with her. It pains me that I can't do that right now. However, I did ask Gwen to put the cellphone to her ear this afternoon. I told her how much I love her and she's an inspiration.

Talk about a strong woman. Aunt Lula and my Uncle TJ have five boys and one girl. She is the glue that keeps everyone together. Despite whatever she's going thru, Aunt Lula would have something to laugh about. I can remember countless days sitting on their sofa talking and laughing. My cousin Jack telling many jokes. Jack always has a joke. Things weren't so funny a couple of years ago when he had heart problems. He's only in his 40s.

This morning I got up to workout despite suffering from Sinus problems, like many people this time of year. I drug myself to the gym not because I want to look good this summer. Rather, because I want to take heed to Aunt Lula's advice, "take care of your heart." An hour a day can do the body a lifetime of difference. I have been contemplating running a half marathon to raise money for the American Stroke Association, a branch of the American Heart Association. Today, someone emailed me about joining "Train to end Stroke." Today, I made the decision to do it for the women in my family who have been robbed of their lives by Heart Disease. I will run for those who can run no longer.

For those of you who refuse to exercise, just a simple walk a day, please think of my family. Think of my Aunt Lula.. Take care of your heart!
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