Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

Mrs. Coretta Scott King- A True Virtuous Woman

Most of my life I have been mystified by the biblical scripture Psalms 31:10. It's about the Virtuous Woman. The scripture reads "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies." I have listened to countless sermons about the virtuous woman, always looking around to see an example of my interpretation of this virtuous woman. One day in 1997 I met her. She was Mrs. Coretta Scott King. I was at the retirement dinner for Dr. Joseph Lowery. After the dinner, I was leaving the building when I found myself standing next to Mrs. King. I was rendered speechless by her beauty, elegance and style. I introduced myself and expressed my admiration of her work and mission. She asked about my occupation. I told her that I was moving to Connecticut for a job. I clearly remember her words of encouragement and a piece of advise that she offered.
Mrs. King wasn't a flashly woman who bragged about her accomplishments. She wasn't a woman who demanded to be the center of attention. She was not a woman who put others down to raise her own self worth. She was a virtuous woman. She walked into a room with her head held high. But, she didn't look down upon anyone. I am so grateful for her life and the legacy she leaves.
It still baffles me when looking at young women today. It seems many have lost their way and have given up hope. They forget about the struggles of people who came before them. Those warriors sacrificed their time, their lives and their families to fight for equality. Yet, many in this younger generation have forgotten the struggle. Or, did they know about it in the first place? Is it a time that must be read in a book and memorized for test. Only to be forgotten once the test is over? Do they think about the struggle for 28 days in February, then its back to a less than shining life in March? The struggle continues. It has not stopped. It's far from over. Mrs. Coretta Scott King represents how we have to fight the good fight and keep our heads about us. She personifies strength and courage. Life dealt her disappointments, however, she never gave up.
I am so honored that I was blessed to shake her hand. I am blessed to have been given advice by Mrs. Coretta Scott King. I am so honored that God gave this world Mrs. Coretta Scott King.
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