Dee Griffin (deegriffin) wrote,
Dee Griffin

Working Women Unite!

Tonight, on Eyewitness News at 5, we take a closer look at the latest fight in the battle of the sexes. An article on cautions men about marrying working women. The article suggests we make lousy wives. Of course, I couldn't just sit on my hands and take this.
The article is written by Michael Noer, the executive editor of He references some studies that show "professional women are more likely to get divorced.. more likely to cheat.. less likely to have children.. and if they do have children, they (the women) are more likely to be unhappy about it." Who did he interview? Cave Dwellers? Noer also says, "the more successful she is the more likely she is to grow dissatisfied with you."
In the words of rap group Public Enemy "don't believe the hype." I am proud to be surrounded by professional women with successful careers and marriages. Unlike some arcaic study, I like naming names. For example, one of my closest two friends just celebrated 10 years of marriage. Dawne Westbrook is a successful Civil Rights Attorney with her own private practice, a successful husband and four great children. Shannon Buggs Harrison is a successful business reporter and columnist for the Houston Chronicle. She has a successful husband and two beautiful children. Stacie Martin Waddell is a successful business woman here in Memphis with a great husband and two lovely children. Kim Newton is a successful marketing executive with a successful husband and an adorable baby girl. Must I continue?
Perhaps the women in the study divorced more often because they refuse to put themselves, or their children, through sub-standard conditions and less than humane treatment. Perhaps, those women were being abused and realized they could survive better alone than with an abuser. Their education and success pathed the way out. I can't make excuses for the women Noer interviewed. Thankfully, I am surrounded by positive women who eclipse the negative images that are portrayed in the story.
Working women unite! Don't sit by and allow yourself, or another woman, to be placed in a box. Stand up and stand out. Set the standard. Be true to yourself. Be positive.
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